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Lessons from the Field

Leveraging donor support to develop a national antimicrobial resistance policy and action plan: Ghana’s success story  
Japheth A. Opintan
06 December 2018

Review Article

An overview of antimicrobial resistance surveillance among healthcare-associated pathogens in South Africa  
Ashika Singh-Moodley, Husna Ismail, Olga Perovic
06 December 2018

Review Article

Drug resistant tuberculosis in Africa: Current status, gaps and opportunities  
Nazir Ismail, Farzana Ismail, Shaheed V. Omar, Linsay Blows, Yasmin Gardee, Hendrik Koornhof, Philip C. Onyebujoh
06 December 2018

Scientific Letter

Need for better adherence to optimal incubation temperature for quality laboratory diagnostics and antibiotic resistance monitoring  
Cristina Gutierrez, Akos Somoskovi, Kris Natarajan, David Bell
06 December 2018


Antimicrobial resistance surveillance in Africa: Successes, gaps and a roadmap for the future  
Samuel Kariuki, Karen H. Keddy, Martin Antonio, Iruka N. Okeke
06 December 2018