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Original Research

Using laboratory data to categorise CD4 laboratory turn-around-time performance across a national programme  
Lindi-Marie Coetzee, Naseem Cassim, Deborah K. Glencross
28 June 2018

Original Research

Low-cost diagnostic test for susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis in rural Malawi  
Annie Zhang, Enoch Jumbe, Robert Krysiak, Sabeen Sidiki, Holden V. Kelley, Elly K. Chemey, Chancy Kamba, Victor Mwapasa, Juan I. García, Alison Norris, Xueliang J. Pan, Carlton Evans, Shu-Hua Wang, Jesse J. Kwiek, Jordi B. Torrelles
04 June 2018

Original Research

Detection of minority drug resistant mutations in Malawian HIV-1 subtype C-positive patients initiating and on first-line antiretroviral therapy  
Zhiyong Zhou, Kevin Tang, Guoqing Zhang, Nellie Wadonda-Kabondo, Kundai Moyo, Lori A. Rowe, Joshua R. DeVos, Nick Wagar, Du-Ping Zheng, Hongxiong Guo, John Nkengasong, Mike Frace, Scott Sammons, Chunfu Yang
30 May 2018

Brief Report

Human parvovirus B19-induced anaemia in pre-school children in Ilorin, Nigeria  
Oluwaseyi S. Ashaka, Olajide O. Agbede, Adesuyi A. Omoare, Samuel K. Ernest
10 May 2018

Lessons from the Field

Strategic establishment of an International Pharmacology Specialty Laboratory in a resource-limited setting  
Takudzwa J. Mtisi, Charles Maponga, Tsitsi G. Monera-Penduka, Tinashe Mudzviti, Dexter Chagwena, Faithful Makita-Chingombe, Robin DiFranchesco, Gene D. Morse
12 February 2018