Members of the Editorial Team


Rajiv T. Erasmus 0000-0001-6831-4215 Stellenbosch University, South Africa



Managing Editor

Bethanie Rammer 0000-0002-5418-4613 African Society for Laboratory Medicine, United States of America



Section Editors

John Anetor 0000-0002-9862-7244 Chemical Pathology Department, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Betinna Chale-Matsau 0000-0003-3368-6398 Department of Chemical Pathology, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa; and, Steve Biko Academic Hospital, South Africa
Glenda M. Davison 0000-0003-2726-8114 Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa
Alpha Diallo   HEQSS-International Guineé, Guinea; Public Health Laboratory Director of District of Columbia (Retired), United States of America
Toun A. Ejilemele 0000-0002-4904-1650 University of Texas, United States of America
Pasipanodya I. Ruredzo 0000-0003-4750-8461 University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Nicaise Ndembi 0000-0002-9498-3428 Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria
Pascale Ondoa 0000-0002-2700-9000 African Society for Laboratory Medicine, the Netherlands
Collins Otieno 0000-0002-5534-8720 African Society for Laboratory Medicine, Kenya



Editorial Board

Timothy K. Amukele 0000-0002-7830-2637 Makerere University and Johns Hopkins University, United States of America
Zivanai C. Chapanduka 0000-0002-5489-8392 Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University and NHLS Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
Hiroshi Ichimura 0000-0003-4478-1964 Kanazawa University, Japan
Oni E.A. Idigbe   Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria
Adjane K. Koura 0000-0002-2209-5907 Fondation Mérieux, France
Jane Mwangi 0000-0001-6346-0600 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kenya
Richard Njouom 0000-0003-3112-6370 Centre Pasteur of Cameroon, Cameroon
Igho Ofotokun 0000-0003-2735-1903 Emory University, United States of America
Geoffrey A. Omuse 0000-0002-3866-5118 The Aga Khan University, Kenya
Chin-Yih Ou   US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, China
Jennifer A. Punt 0000-0002-4439-5628 University of Pennsylvania, United States of America
Raquel Villegas   Tennessee Department of Health, United States of America
Clement  Zeh   US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kenya